How do I choose the right size for my dog? 

Your custom order is made for your dog, so a careful neck measurement is all you need to assure a good fit. There’s about 3 inches of adjustment in most collars, however, for very small dogs with neck measurements of 10 inches or less, there’s less space in the construction for adjustment.

If you’re buying a collar from the store, simply choose your size based on the following:

Small:         8-15 inches
Medium:    16-23 inches
Large:         24-31 inches
Giant:         over 32 inches

If your dog has a neck measurement that’s significantly larger than 35 inches, please indicate that in the comment section of your order. There’s no extra charge—I figure you’re broke enough just feeding a dog that size!

Can I request a particular fabric or ribbon not shown on your site?

Sure! If you have a particular fabric or ribbon in mind, we can work out a way to get it done. Get in touch at moc.m1519217012ijrep1519217012pad@m1519217012ik1519217012.

I like a really long (or really short) leash. Can you make those?

Yes! The default length is five feet, but for custom orders, we have a per foot pricing scheme; just choose between 4, 5 and 6 feet right here in the store.

If you require or desire a leash that’s more than 6 feet long, get in touch: moc.m1519217012ijrep1519217012pad@m1519217012ik1519217012

Do you do rush orders?

I’m a former restaurant owner, bartender and short order cook. My rush days are over. However, I will be introducing gift certificates soon, which are terrific last-minute gifts!

What about cats?

Cat collars are on the horizon. They are slightly harder to make, but I’m working on a system to get it done. They will be breakaway style, with an optional bell. More to come!

Do you make buckle style collars? Martingale style? Lure coursing collars? Harnesses?

Not yet! But all of this and more are coming in 2015. Thanks for being patient. As Dapper Jim grows, there will be many additions and surprises!

Can you do express shipping? 

Yes, but for the moment I live in Hawaii, so this costs a lot. We can talk it over: moc.m1519217012ijrep1519217012pad@m1519217012ik1519217012.

Why am I paying tax on shipping? Why am I paying tax at all?  

Welcome to Hawaii! We have an excise tax here that requires that I collect tax from all customers, online or otherwise, whether they’re in Hawaii or elsewhere, and that I collect tax on shipping. Once we go home to California, this will no longer be the case, but for the next wee while, it’s a weird reality. Thanks for supporting our local economy!